ICS Expands Overseas

We are excited to announce that International Community Schools (ICS) is expanding into new international markets with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to construct and operate an international school in Astana City, Kazakhstan. This project represents a significant milestone for ICS, as it demonstrates the strength of our brand and the recognition of our standard of quality education. It also aligns with the vision of our Board and CEO to create a high-quality, affordable group of schools that provide innovative education to future leaders of the world. The new school in Astana City will offer students a comprehensive and holistic education, grounded in the principles of innovation, creativity, and critical thinking. We are excited to bring our proven educational model to a new community and look forward to working closely with local partners to provide students with an exceptional educational experience. This expansion marks an exciting new chapter in the growth of ICS, and we are confident that it will further enhance our reputation as a leading international school.

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