Board of trustees

International Community Schools

Our Board of Trustees plays a crucial role in the governance and oversight of International Community Schools. Comprised of individuals with diverse expertise and backgrounds, the board is responsible for strategic planning, ensuring alignment with the ICS Mission and Vision, ensuring the school’s adherence to the UAE vision and values, and maintaining accountability. Furthermore, the board plays a vital role in fostering community engagement and partnerships. They collaborate with stakeholders, such as parents, teachers, and local organizations, to promote a strong and supportive school community. Their collective expertise and oversight contribute to the overall success and growth of the school, ensuring that it provides high-quality education while staying aligned with the cultural values and aspirations of the UAE.

Dr. Qasim Al Oum


Maj. Gen. Dr. Ahmed Naser Al Raisi

Deputy Chairman

Mohamed Al-Shamma


H.E. Ahmed Shabib Al Dhaheri


H.E. Dr. Saeed Al Shamsi


Dr. Awad Saleh Al Masabi