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Enroll your child now at International Community Schools for a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters their development and growth. Our dedication to academic excellence is complemented by the nurturing of values and competencies in our students. With a comprehensive curriculum designed to meet diverse needs and learning styles, International Community Schools embraces diversity and inclusivity. Our experienced teachers create stimulating learning environments that encourage critical thinking, creativity, and a lifelong passion for learning. To ensure comfort and support, we offer orientation programs, language support, and counseling services to both parents and students. We invite all parents to meet our admissions team, who will provide a detailed overview of the curriculum, facilities, and services, as well as guide you through the application process. Join our ICS family and community, and click on the branch image below to enroll your child(ren) in their desired location. We eagerly await your arrival!
To enroll your child(ren), please click on the appropriate branch you wish for them to join with the corresponding image below.

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Main Branch Mushrif

American / IB Curriculum, 30 years of educational excellence with the highest academic standards. We have grown and established into one of the most respected collaboration schools of Abu Dhabi. We are honored to cultivate our students into global minded, future leaders.

Branch 1, Najda Street

British Curriculum, Al Danah campus situated in the heart of abu dhabi city centre, where learning meets limitless possibilities & we are delighted to extend a warmand friendly invitation to all parents seeking an exceptional educational experience for their children.

Branch 2, Al Falah City

American Curriculum, we ensure our commitment to creating value-added learning through interesting and exciting practices in addition to further-learning opportunities in STEAM classes. Our graduates leave the school as dynamic and impactful citizens.

Branch 3, Khalifa City

American Curriculum, We offer the highest quality of education for reasonable & affordable tuition fees. Your child will receive highly qualified Native English and English speaking teachers, state-of-the-art facilities comprising of technologically advanced classrooms and programmes.

Branch 4, Al Manhal

British Curriculum, Al Manhal campus, a prestigious institution that embraces the rich heritage of the British curriculum while fostering a global mindset. Our esteemed school stands as a beacon of academic excellence, character development, and limitless opportunities for students.

Al Falah City

Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) program of learning which links home and school. Beginning a learning partnership with parents & students leads students through the ECE learning stages, to primary school to the primary learning stages & for an easy transition to FS2.